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The Best Maryland Divorce Lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson and Herriott handle alimony cases throughout Maryland.  Alimony is the payment of money at defined periods for the support of a dependent spouse during the joint lives of the parties while they are separated.

The top rated Maryland divorce lawyers at RGPH have handled hundreds or alimony cases and have obtained alimony on behalf of dozens of clients and have successfully defeated or minimized alimony claims for the benefit of their clients.  In Maryland there are three types of Alimony:

  1. Temporary Alimony, 
  2. Rehabilitative Alimony, and
  3. Indefinite Alimony.

Maryland law favors rehabilitative alimony and has codified this preference as statutory alimony. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to provide temporary financial support for a dependent spouse to become economically self-sufficient.  The living standards of the dependent spouse are to be considered in this analysis.  It is understood that separating a married couple may result in both parties living at a lower standard then they had been enjoying during the marriage.  Statutory alimony is available once a divorce has been granted.  The experienced divorce lawyers at RGPH have litigated hundreds of alimony claims and can quickly identify the factors that will influence a Maryland Court to award or deny a claim for alimony.

The following factors are to be considered when deciding the amount and duration of statutory alimony:

  1. The ability of the dependent spouse to be entirely or partially self-supporting;

  2. The time necessary for the dependent spouse to acquire the education and/or training to find suitable employment;

  3. The standard of living enjoyed by the spouses during the marriage;

  4. How long the marriage lasted;

  5. The non-monetary and monetary contributions of each party to the family;

  6. The circumstances that led to or contributed to the estrangement of the parties;

  7. How old the estranged parties are;

  8. The physical and mental abilities of the parties;

  9. The ability of the independent spouse to meet his/her needs while meeting the needs of the spouse seeking alimony;

  10. Any agreements reached by the spouses;

  11. The financial needs and resources of each party and 

  12. Whether the award could cause the spouse that is a resident of a qualified facility such as a nursing home and from whom alimony is sought to become eligible for medical assistance at an earlier date than would otherwise occur without an alimony award.

Temporary alimony may be awarded during the litigation process before a divorce has been granted.  To obtain temporary alimony one must show proof of marriage, proof that a divorce or alimony action is pending, the need for alimony of the dependent spouse and the ability of the other spouse to pay.  The alimony lawyers at RGPH regularly litigate temporary alimony claims and have experience with each of the factors that are likely to be considered by a Maryland Court in deciding an alimony claim.

While indefinite alimony is disfavored in Maryland, an award of indefinite alimony may be issued if the court finds that due to illness, disability, or advanced age the party requesting alimony cannot reasonably be expected to make substantial progress toward becoming self-supporting.  In some circumstances a spouse that is found to be capable of making substantial progress towards becoming self-sufficient may be awarded indefinite alimony if the standards of living of the parties will be unconscionably disparate.  Indefinite alimony cases require the services of an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer.  The top rated Maryland divorce lawyers have litigated and defended dozens of cases involving claims for indefinite alimony.

The entitlement to or the obligation to pay alimony requires a detailed analysis of the case and often should be handled with the assistance of an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer.  Please feel free to contact Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC at 301-383-1525 to schedule a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers at the office located in Bowie.  RGPH's lawyers handle cases in Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Charles Prince George's, Howard and Calvert Counties.

RGPH includes four highly rated and experienced alimony lawyers. Maryland divorce lawyer, Paul Reinstein, a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has been selected as a top 10 Super Lawyer and teaches judges family law at the Maryland Judicial Institute.  He has also been selected to the Best Lawyers in America list.  Paul Reinstein has testified over a dozen times before the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis about proposed changes in Maryland family law.  He regularly lectures to divorce lawyers about Maryland family law.

Military alimony lawyer, Maureen Glackin has been selected as a Maryland Super Lawyer and regularly lectures and writes on military divorces.

Daniel Renart, president elect of the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and is fluent in Spanish.

Randall Herriott is an experienced family law attorney and has been selected as a Maryland Super Lawyer.  If you are interested in pursuing a claim for alimony or are concerned that you such a claim may be pursued against you please call the top rated alimony lawyers at RGPH to arrange a consultation. 

Please call the divorce lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC at 301-383-1525 to schedule a consultation at the Prince George's County offices in Bowie, Maryland.  RGPH's divorce lawyers handles matters in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Calvert, Charles  and St. Mary's Counties.

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