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The top rated Maryland child custody lawyers, Paul Reinstein, Randall Herriott, Daniel Renart and Maureen Glackin handle child custody cases throughout Maryland.

RGPH's child custody lawyers routinely handle child custody cases in Annapolis, Rockville, Prince Frederick, La Plata, Ellicott City and Leonardtown.  One of the most difficult issues in a Maryland divorce is determining child custody and support. If the parents cannot agree on child custody issues then a Maryland Court must decide. One of the first questions asked by parents seeking a divorce is "How is child custody determined?" Maryland Courts consider several factors in determining child custody.  The top rated child custody lawyers at RGPH have extensive experience litigating these factors in divorce cases.   The experienced and highly rated Maryland child custody lawyers can help you identify the relevant factors governing child custody in your divorce case and the evidence that needs to be gathered to substantiate each factor.  A successful outcome in a child custody dispute depends on the facts but those facts are determined by admissible evidence in a court proceeding.  The weighing of these factors constitutes the "best interest" standard.

Maryland child custody lawyers, Randall Herriott, Paul Reinstein, Maureen Glackin and Daniel Renart have all handled child custody disputes in Upper Marlboro, Rockville, La Plata, Prince Frederick, Annapolis, Ellicott City and Leonardtown.  The Maryland Courts typically consider whether both parents are fit to raise their children.  Where both parents are fit, the Court must evaluate the child's future prospects depending on which of the homes competing for custody the child is raised in.  The "best interest" standard has been compared to a best guess standard.  The Courts evaluate numerous factors in an attempt to predict the best environment for divorcing parents' children to prosper.

Maryland Courts favor sole custody over split custody.  Sole custody is less disruptive to children than split custody.  The bias in favor of sole custody renders a child custody hearing critical to each divorcing parent.  The Maryland child custody lawyers at RGPH have attained excellent client reviews on independent attorney rating sites and have received the highest possible ratings from fellow lawyers and judges.  The child custody lawyers at RGPH value the opportunities to advocate on behalf of their clients for the best interests of children going through a difficult divorce.

In determining child custody the court weighs several factors. It is difficult to create an exhaustive list of all factors that would be considered in determining child custody.  The child custody lawyers at RGPH have the experience necessary to identify the most important factors to determining child custody in a particular case.  Maryland case law has highlighted several factors that are routinely considered by the courts.  These child custody factors include:

  1. How long the parents have been separated;
  2. The character including the reputation of the parents;
  3. The wishes of the biological parents and any agreements that may have been reached between the parents;
  4. The potential to preserve normal family relationships;
  5. Material opportunities that may impact the child in the future;
  6. The location and quality of the residences of the parents;
  7. The opportunities for visitation;
  8. Whether a parent had previously abandoned the child or gave up custody of the child;
  9. The child's preference, if the child is sufficiently mature to form a reasoned judgment;
  10. The age, health and gender of the child; and
  11. The comparable fitness of the parents.

​Child custody determinations under Maryland law are very complicated and the guidance of an experienced family law lawyer is critical to resolving disputes over child custody.  Bowie child custody lawyer, Randall Herriott, has successfully argued for sole custody on behalf of single fathers in several cases.  The Courts were persuaded by child custody lawyer, Randall Herriott's fact-based arguments that followed the factors listed above.  In addition, attorney, Randall Herriott, has handled numerous child custody cases on behalf of single mothers, grandparents and other relatives.  The factors for child custody for a third-party are different than those for a biological parent.  Please contact Maryland divorce lawyer, Randall Herriott for an evaluation of your child custody matter.

Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC ("RGPH") has four experienced child custody lawyers, Paul Reinstein, Randall Herriott, Daniel Renart and Maureen Glackin.  Bowie, lawyer, Paul Reinstein has been selected as a Top 10 Super Lawyer, Top Lawyer by Washingtonian Magazine and teaches judges family law, including child custody law at the Maryland Judicial Institute.  Maureen Glackin regularly lectures on issues related to Military Divorces, including child custody.  Maureen Glackin has also been selected as a Super Lawyer.  Child custody lawyer, Daniel Renart is fluent in Spanish and has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers.   Please call the Best Maryland child custody lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC at 301-383-1525 to schedule a consultation at the Prince George's County office in Bowie, Maryland.  RGPH's lawyers handle child custody matters in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and Montgomery Counties and routinely appear in the Courts in Annapolis, Rockville, Prince Fredrick, Upper Marlboro, La Plata, Ellicott City and Leonardtown. 

Please call the Maryland child custody lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC at 301-383-1525 to schedule a consultation at the Prince George's County offices in Bowie, Maryland.  RGPH's child custody lawyers handles matters in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Calvert, Charles  and St. Mary's Counties.

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