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Maryland divorce lawyers, Paul Reinstein, Randall Herriott and Daniel Renart have obtained divorces for clients due to cruel treatment​.

Cruel treatment toward a spouse or the child of the complaining spouse is grounds for a limited and an absolute divorce in Maryland. Patterns of physical and mental abuse that rises to a significant level will ordinarily be sufficient to establish cruelty. The Maryland courts have defined cruelty as conduct that endangers the life, health, or person of a party or will cause a reasonable person to fear bodily suffering.

Poor manners, rudeness, a lack of civility, foul language, a bad temper or outbursts of passion ordinarily do not constitute cruelty.  The critical element is that the conduct or pattern of conduct threatened bodily harm.  A single act of slight violence will not meet the threshold for a divorce on the grounds  of cruelty.  A single passionate outburst with a physical response likewise may not meet the required grounds for cruelty because the spouse may not have intended to seriously harm the spouse or to threaten serious harm to the spouse.  The chances of obtaining a divorce on the grounds of cruelty are the strongest where there has been a pattern of serious abuse or a single but very serious act of violence.

Maryland law also requires corroborating evidence of cruelty.  The degree of corroboration required for each case will vary depending on the circumstances.  Please call the Bowie divorce lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott, LLC to schedule a consultation at 301-383-1525.  In addition, if you would like more information related about criminal charges arising out of a domestic violence incident please visit www.PGCriminalLawyer.com.  Maryland domestic violence lawyer, Maria Patterson has handled cases involving domestic violence from simple protective order cases to first degree assault criminal jury trials.

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