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The top rated Maryland divorce lawyers have handled dozens of family law cases involving allegations of alcohol and drug abuse. The family law lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson and Herriott can help guide the spouse affected by an addicted spouse as well as help a spouse afflicted with a drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitate their role in the family.

Alcoholism is a disruptive and often destructive disease. Divorce, child custody and Protective Order proceedings are often initiated due to problems caused by an intoxicated spouse.  In Maryland, a divorce may be awarded on the basis of constructive desertion. This occurs when conduct by a spouse makes it impossible for the other spouse to continue the marital relationship with safety, health and self respect. Alcoholism or substance abuse, alone, is insufficient to establish constructive desertion. Where alcoholism or substance abuse results in a pattern of physical and/or emotional abuse there will be sufficient evidence to award a divorce on the grounds of constructive desertion.

If a spouse is in treatment or needs treatment for drug or alcohol addiction this may impact an award for alimony. Maryland law favors rehabilitative alimony over indefinite alimony. Accordingly, alimony should terminate where the evidence indicates that the maximum progress towards self-sufficiency will be reached.  The amount and duration of alimony is determined by considering twelve factors.  Alcoholism and drug abuse impacts several of these factors.  Please visit the alimony page for a listing and discussion of these factors.

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